Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Japan - Disney Sea

     James is limping pretty fiercely this morning, in spite of all the moleskin.  I think these new socks I bought him before the trip are too small.  No hope of finding any replacements here in Lilliputia though.
     This morning we are waiting at the gate when Disney Sea opens.  For the first time since we have been in Japan, it is a beautiful day- cloudless and sunny but with a nice breeze.  Stormrider, the ride all the guidebooks say is the best, is closed today but we arrive in time to go on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea without a wait.  I admit to being skeptical.  20,000 Leagues was a seriously lame ride at Disneyland when I was a kid- you just cruised around a little lake in little submarines and  looked at plastic sea animals.  This ride was definitely better, the squid was more lifelike (James hated it) and they combined elements from the Atlantis movie as well.  The little boy in the car after us got off exclaiming "Koway, Koway, Koway!!" (Scary!)  James agreed.
     Then I had a Fastpass for Journey to the Center of the Earth- James skipped this one.  It was pretty loud but I liked the fire blast and 6 legged monster at the end.  Raging Spirits was another roller coaster with a 360 degree loop- James was positive that it would be like Splash Mountain and he wouldn't fit. Uh huh.
     Instead, we saw all the shows.  There was a water parade sort of thing with dragons and unicorns that was pretty good, and a couple of stage shows where James said he was able to pick out some of the language.  Mystic Rhythms- an acrobatic type show- was particularly good, though I kept trying to fall asleep.  (That's me, sit me in one place for any length of time and I start to nod off.)  I wanted to try the Tower of Terror but our Fastpasses weren't until 9:30 pm and we were just too tired.  I think we went back to the hotel about 4pm.  We intended to come back but James' feet were hurting and I was getting a headache, so we just stayed in the hotel.  What a couple of party poopers!  (It was probably for the best though, my headache escalated into a genuine shall-I-just-jump-off-this-balcony-right-now migraine and I even had to give myself a shot- something I haven't done for years.  This was never any fun, but now they've developed a needleless technology that actually shoots the medicine right into your thigh fat (nice big target) using air.  I swear it hurts more than the darn needle ever did and bleeds like a son of a gun, too.   Thank you, Dr. McCoy.)
     So, with all of 2 hours of sleep under my belt, and an aching neck from the headache, James and I are ready to head off to our next adventure- Kyoto.
The Nautilus at 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

We missed each other for lunch.  James said, "I'll meet you down there."  So I went down the stairs and had pretty good gyoza at the Nautilus Galley, he went down the path and had a meat pasty at Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Indiana Jones' downed plane.  Love the call sign.

Off the Mediterranean Coast- love all the details in the park.

Mickey Orange Pop?

At the city of Agrabah

As nearly as I could tell, Indiana Jones at the Temple of the Crystal Skull was exactly the same as the Temple of Doom, only with skulls instead of spiders.

Pet the nice kitty.

Another foot-saving show-James particularly loved this acrobatic Mystic Rhythms show.

The Lenged of Mythica water parade.  The Dragon and Unicorn jetskis were a clever touch, too.

Disney Sea entrance

Gotta love how the Japanese try to make everything pretty- even the tops of buildings.  This is the view out of our room at the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel.

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