Saturday, August 2, 2014

All the King's Horses

Having a fun day here in Lund. The old ivy covered buildings and cobblestone streets give me just what I'm looking for when I travel: I want to look around me and say, "Toto, I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore." Sometimes that feeling is hard to get when there's a McDonalds or KFC around every corner, but I feel it here.

Sleeping beauty must be here somewhere


Today Craig rented a car (A Peugot! With all the fancy stuff!) and we drove out into the countryside to see King Gustaf's horses. It's a sight to make every horse owner pea green with envy. Stable after glorious old stonework stable, arenas glassed in like a fine hotel, Fine warmbloods in pristine pastures, each one shod to perfection. No worries about paying the feed bill or blacksmith here! The rest of princesshood - dancing, dresses, courtiers bowing, that sort of stuff never held much appeal for me but this, THIS would make any horsey girl dream of marrying the prince who held the reins to this castle.



All the King's manure:






Unique Swedish countryside road signs:





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