Sunday, August 3, 2014

Of Moats & Memories

This morning was our day to go to church in Lund. Craig has been really looking forward to this day because he thought he had his best chance of finding some old friends here, where he served five months on his mission. Sure enough, both the current bishop and the former branch president were there, and wonder of wonders, they remembered him! (He is kind of hard to forget...)

Craig had fun chatting with them and we got photos with them both. (How much they actually remember from 33 years ago is hard to tell: a lot, if they have elephant memories like Craig, none at all, if they have gerbil memories like me.) Craig also got the address of a man who'd been baptized when he served here.

After church, we drove out to Landskrona, where Craig hunted down his old apartment. (I told you, the man has the memory of an elephant - an elephant with Google.)

Then we went to see the Landskrona Slott (castle.) It was built in 1549 by the Danish King Christian III. It had TWO moats - an inner and an outer. (Sadly, the interior of the castle was closed and we couldn't tour the dungeon.) Now I know what I want for my birthday!

Raise the Drawbridge!!

Gather the peasants and the animals, we are under attack!!

Cool trapdoor.


Craig hunted down his friend from 33 years ago in his apartment. The poor guy was shirtless, watching a film with a guest, so he didn't invite us in, but, as we talked at the door, you could see his memory cells struggle to the surface until he finally said, "Now I remember you!" (Like I said, Craig is hard to completely forget.)

Tomorrow we knock another country off our (admittedly tiny) list. We are going to drive across the Øresund bridge to Denmark!











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