Friday, August 1, 2014

Pressbyrån och Poseiden

Today was our last day in Göteborg. We did traditional sightseeing, this time taking the ferry into town instead of the bus. We saw the famous Poseidon statue and trotted in and out of a lot of little shops. I'd hoped to get a T shirt or sweatshirt, but there was a distinct lack of touristy stuff. We did get a postcard to send to James in Japan; now isn't that just thrilling?

Swedish Fish - these are less sweet and more gummy than their American counterparts.

The ferry is more fun than the bus!

Swedish for "speed bump."

Swedish pepperoni pizza

Swedish market - note unrefrigerated eggs. We only have to refrigerate ours in the United States because we wash them, which removes the protective coating provided against bacteria by the hen.

Not sure who this guy was. We saw him every day. We called him Paul Revere.

Writing a postcard to the baby boy.

The Pressbyrån is Craig's new favorite haunt - like a 7-11 with bus tickets, postage stamps, and most importantly FREE WI-FI so he can use his travel app to figure out how to get everywhere.

Craig and the local fuzz. (Another recreation of a picture 33 years ago.) They were polite - but they thought he was weird for wanting a picture. Craig says that 33 years ago, the Swedish Polis did not carry sidearms, and those he spoke with were very proud of that. Either this was a rough part of town, or things have changed for the worse. Very sad, either way.

Pay toilets on the street - travel is more expensive for some of us than others....


Cozy, don't you think?

Craig and Poseidon (Another re-creation)

This is what happens if you order Swedish Meatballs at an Italian place run by a Middle Eastern immigrant in Sweden. The purple stuff is pickled beets.

Craig petting the resident B and B cat "Angel."


Craig can't fight his veterinary impulses and proceeds to give poor Angel an examination. She is fine, but a shade thin.



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  1. looks like a great trip be safe and the polis are good looking too!